"I wanted to see how far we could go, how far we could push it.
And the result...well, it's pretty fucking bad.
And I'm going to have to live with that. We all are.
But maybe that's what growing up is: understanding that actions have consequences."

Under cover of darkness, they scale the breath-taking web of gothic turrets,
spires and chapels of Cambridge University in the age-old tradition of The Night Climbers.

A highly secret, fearless, thrill-seeking group of students they have one thing in 
common: they all love to climb…

During one of their nocturnal ascents, The Night Climbers encounter a 
mysterious stranger whose death-defying talent for climbing and urban free
running far exceed anything they have seen before.
Their lives will never be the same again.
Opening the door to a whole new world of excitement and danger they are
tempted into pulling off the daring heist of one of the university’s most valuable
art works.
The arrogance of their intrepid behavior is about to come back to haunt them as
they soon discover that the picture was only on loan from a very powerful and
influential businessman...
...Nightclimbing is about to become a nightmare.



The Night Climbers has been adapted by screenwriter Stephen Raphael from the novel by Ivo Stourton. Marek Losey, responsible for the highly critically acclaimed psychological thriller The Hide, will direct.

The film is developed with the assistance of the British Film Institute and Media European Commission



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