Six outfit choices, one hour of make-up, one push-up bra and eight cigarettes. She’s ready.
Six press ups, twenty minutes cleaning, three beers, a few minutes deliberation over whether or not to wank. Ryan’s ready.

Meet Laura. A 26-year-old waitress who has been single (and celibate) since the demise of her three-year relationship. That was five months ago.
Since then she has spent her time crying into lino, listening to self-esteem CD’s, over-analysing the relationship, cutting her hair, dying her hair, losing weight, gaining weight, rekindling friendships and reading just about every piece of literature she can find regarding modern relationships. The usual.
Meet Ryan. A 27-year-old company formations consultant who lives with his debauched Peter Pan type university mates in a house share in London. Just like he did five years ago.
Ryan is single and has been ever since his ex girlfriend Beth cheated on him with (and left him for) Damian, who, up to that point, was one of Ryan’s closest friends. After a string of unsuccessful dates, Ryan had all but given up when he came across a copy of Neil Strauss’ The Game, which he has now read cover to cover four times.
Ryan now believes he has picked up all the necessary tricks of the trade when it comes to pulling women. And this was proven last weekend when he went to a bar and picked up a girl.
Tonight will be his second date with her.
This girl is of course, Laura.
A Guide To Second Dates Sex invites you to be a voyeur to every detail of a thoroughly contemporary, British romance played out in a brutally honest, no holds barred fashion, as Laura and Ryan meet for their second date. As the fledgling couple attempt to grapple with the bizarre and painfully familiar dating rituals, we are privy to their every thought, memory, fear and fantasy. Are men and women really that different when it comes to sex and relationships? Is there any truth behind the age old saying that the British make for the worst lovers? Do we put too much importance on sex today? Well…Probably.


A Guide To Second Date Sex has adapted by stage and screenwriter Rachel Hirons from her critically acclaimed play and is now in the final stages of post production.
Alexandra Roach and George Mackay star.