We are currently developing an English-language project with Academy Award winning director Giuseppe Tornatore and Academy Award winning writer Frederic Raphael. The film is being produced by Starfield Productions and Buena Onda International.



Giuseppe Tornatore was born in Bagheria near Palermo and developed an interest in acting and the theatre from an early age. He worked initially as a freelance photographer before switching to cinema, making his debut with Le minoranze etniche in Sicilia (The Ethnic Minorities in Sicily), a collaborative documentary film which won a Salerno Festival prize. He then worked for RAI before releasing his first full-length film, Il Camorrista, in 1985, for which he was awarded the Silver Ribbon for best new director. Tornatore's best known screen work was released in 1988: Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, a film narrating the life of a successful film director who has returned to his native town in Sicily for the funeral of his mentor. This obtained worldwide success and won an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. Subsequently Tornatore released several other films. In 2007 he won the Silver George for Best Director at the 29th Moscow International Film Festival for The Unknown Woman.


1986: The Professor (Il camorrista)
1988: Cinema Paradiso (Nuovo Cinema Paradiso)
1990: Everybody's Fine (Stanno tutti bene)
1991: Especially on Sunday (segment "Il cane blu")
1994: A Pure Formality (Una pura formalità)
1995: The Star Maker (L'uomo delle stelle)
1995: Lo schermo a tre punte (documentary)
1996: Ritratti d'autore: seconda serie documentary)
1998: The Legend of 1900 (La leggenda del pianista sull'oceano)
2000: Malèna
2006: The Unknown Woman (La sconosciuta)
2009: Baarìa
2013: The Best Offer

Frederic Raphael is an American-born, British-educated, screenwriter, biographer, nonfiction writer, novelist and journalist. Raphael was born in Chicago, Illinois and with his parents, emigrated to Putney, England, in 1938. He won an Oscar for the screenplay for the 1965 movie Darling, and two years later received an Oscar nomination for his screenplay for Two for the Road. He also wrote the screenplay for the 1967 film adaptation of Thomas Hardy's Far From the Madding Crowd directed by John Schlesinger. His articles and book reviews have appeared in a number of newspapers and magazines, including the Los Angeles Times and The Sunday Times. He has published more than twenty novels, the best-known being the semi-autobiographical The Glittering Prizes(1976), which traces the lives of a group of Cambridge University undergraduates in post-war Britain as they move through university and into the wider world. The original six-part BBC television series, from which the book was adapted, won him a Royal Television Society Writer of the Year Award. Raphael has also published several history books, collections of essays and translations and he has also written biographies of Somerset Maugham and Lord Byron. He was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature in 1964. In 1999, Raphael published Eyes Wide Open, a memoir of his collaboration with the director Stanley Kubrick on the screenplay of Eyes Wide Shut, Kubrick's final movie.



Obbligato 1956
The Earlsdon Way 1958
The Limits of Love 1960
A Wild Surmise 1961
The Graduate Wife 1962
The Trouble with England 1962
Lindmann 1963
Orchestra and Beginners 1967
Like Men Betrayed 1970
Who Were You With Last Night? 1971
April, June and November 1972
Richard’s Things 1973
California Time 1975
The Glittering Prizes 1976
Oxbridge Blues 1979
Heaven and Earth 1985
Think of England 1986
After the War 1990
Fame and Fortune (sequel to The Glittering Prizes) 2007
Final demands (sequel to Fame and Fortune) 2010
A Thousand Kisses 2011


Somerset Maugham and his World 1976
The Poems of Catullus (with Kenneth McLeish) 1979
The List of Books: A library of over 3000 works (with Kenneth McLeish) Harmony Books, New York, 1981. ISBN 0-517-54017-7.
The Necessity of Anti-semitism 1998
Eyes Wide Open 1999
Personal Terms 2001
The Benefit of Doubt: Essays 2003
A Spoilt Boy: A Memoir of a Childhood 2003
Rough Copy: Personal Terms 2 2004
Cuts and Bruises: Personal Terms 3 2006
Some Talk of Alexander: A Journey Through Space and Time in the Greek World 2006
Ifs and Buts (journals) 2011
How Stanley Kubrick Met His Waterloo 2011
A Jew Among Romans: The life and legacy of Flavius Josephus 2013
Distant Intimacy: A friendship in the age of the internet 2013


Nothing But the Best 1964
Darling 1965
Far from the Madding Crowd 1967
Two for the Road 1967
Daisy Miller 1974
The King's Whore 1990
Eyes Wide Shut 1999
Coast to Coast 2003

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