An Arab man arrives at Heathrow. Marwan is his name.
Another Middle Eastern man is waiting to meet him. Pasha.
They meet and shake hands but neither of them is whom they seem to be.
Uncle Fathi’s dead and everyone is after his empire.
Pasha is no kebab-restaurant manager.
He is the dodgy frontman for Uncle Fathi’s multi-million business ventures:
some restaurants and properties… but mainly:
strip clubs, girls, sex trade.

He presents himself in a grotty Nissan and cheap clothes,
and tries to pretend to Marwan that his uncle had only one source of income:
the Hatton Cross Shwarma and Kebab.

Pasha wants Marwan to sign some forms and f*** off back to the Middle East.
It’s all an act, and that’s not all…. Marwan is not Marwan….
These two impostors proceed to trick and cheat each other on a madcap helter-skelter ride through one long London night.

When gangsters, the Triads and the Anti-Terrorist Police all start to pursue them,
Marwan and Pasha have to come clean,
bury their differences and work together to save their skins…
Pasha and Marwan’s worlds collide in an explosive comedy of culture clash,
and the farce of prejudice and preconceived ideas…



The Heir is a London based comedy written by Omid Djalili and Philippe Aractingi. Aractingi is responsible for the highly acclaimed Under The Bombs (Sous Les Bombes) also produced by Starfield Productions which won the Human Rights Prize at the Venice Film Festival in 2007 among another 23 prizes at festivals around the world.

Philippe also directs with Under the Bombs star Georges Khabbaz who also co-stars with Omid Djalili.

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